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Blow Jobs Oh My! A lil About Reid Mihalko

Can we just say it- Reid Mihalko is our favorite human being. Like ever. We had the pleasure of meeting him about a year ago and let's just say- he's the sweetest person we may have ever met. The grind of Chicago sometimes gets to us, and has made us some pretty tough ladies. It's…
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what the what?!- How do I find the perfect dildo?

You know that feeling when you go to the grocery store, to get a simple box of cereal, and then you stare down the isle- tripping out? Simple cereal almost doesn't exist. There's coco-puffs, raisin brain, frosted flakes. Then there's stuff with cookies, without cookies, organic, non-organic, healthy- super unhealthy. Before you've picked out your…
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How to Get in And Out of a Corset like a Lady!

Lovely sales associate Bella instructs you on the proper and easy way to get in and out of one of our fabulous corsets by yourself and without damaging the corset.
Stop by and try one on! Corsets are a fun addition to your wardrobe with an extra perk---they let your girls sail!