Six Valentines Things that are so not red

With Valentines Day coming up we’ve all got our mixed feelings. Us Taboo Girl’s have def figured out how to make it a day to either #LoveThySelf or #Lovesomeoneelse or #loveeveryone. With that said we’ve got our reds and roses covered, but us not being conventional girls’ we like to celebrate a little differently.

I Fucking Love you Chocolates. Because Duh. Chocolates. and also because it’s something you can give to anyone, including yourself. (Available online and in brick and mortar)


These are our favorites when it comes to massage products. #1 it’s awesome for moisturizing your skin in the winter, or someone else. We like to incorporate it in the shower after shaving too to rub down the skin. (Available in Brick and Mortar only)


poster collar
Leather Posture collar and fishnet bodysuit. Sexy. Wear it in the bedroom and get tied up or out and about and get some attention. (Available in brick and mortar only)


A Purple 60’s Dress
Blue Art-Deco dress


Princess Plugs! The perfect way to keep a diamond in your butt while grocery shopping. It’ll be your secret (or whoever you want to tell) (available brick and mortar as well as online).


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