#girlboss – The Taboo Tabou Girls Save The Day


Sometimes, you find your super-hero’s on T.V., in comic books, in an over-rated blockbuster hit of the year. And sometimes,  you find your super-hero’s at your neighborhood lingerie shop.  Last night- the #tabootabou girl’s were by far the biggest superheros of Lakeview so far. At about 7 PM, a mob of people came in, flooded the floor and staff and stole a lot of stuff from us. The girls reacted quickly and calmly and soon the entire Taboo Tabou family was on the streets, finding the people who not only had tried to scare and intimidate our staff but also multiple small businesses in the neighborhood.  With the help of the CPD and the CTA police most of the people were arrested that night, with a good amount of the merchandise on their hands. But that’s not the big deal of all this.



You can not push anyone around because they are in a small store, with an all female staff, at night.

Keeping it calm and respected of all people, even those causing harm to us, makes everything better.

Working together with the neighborhood, including other shop owners and staff, the police, and the concerned neighbors on the street, helped us take control of what could have been a very scary situation.


This is why Taboo Tabou love’s it girls. our staff are always welcoming to our customers, even if they personally are having a bad day. A bad day to them is never something that completely overwhelms them. And in the end they proved #girlpower is real and no one can mess with a #tabootabou girl.


Check out the article DNAinfo wrote regarding this situation: https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20160131/lakeview/thieves-on-belmont-hit-lingerie-shop-more-get-nabbed-owner-says

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