YAS KWEENS Bachelorette Season is Here!

Yas Kweens- deep down in our twisted little taboo hearts we are obsessed with bachelorette season. It’s truly our favorite. Beats out Christmas with a bang (and a lot of sweet lollipops peckers) We love the glory of a group of gals getting together for an evening of debauchery, with no hidden agenda other then to have a good time and celebrate the bride.

And what better way to start the night out then at our shop at Belmont and Clark. We are currently booking for this bachelorette season bachelorette parties hosted by us. In the party we provide the refreshments and entertainment of choice. With us perfectly situation between Boystown and Wriglyville it’s a sweet spot to start out the night (or even end it)

candy bar

Some of our favorite Bachelorette Parties are:

the Toy & Lingerie Party, where the group showers the bride (as well as themselves) with lots of goodies in a private setting.

Our Banging Blow Jobs Workshop, which will set up any girl for a good night.

Sex Toys and Adventures For Couples, where our sex educators lead the party through different ways to approach sex and erotica in a relationship.

and Back Door Secrets- reveals the best ways to approach anal – perfect for the adventurous bride.

to learn more about pricing or schedule your private party email Alexis at alexis@thealley.com

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