Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Top Picks for Christmas!



Want to get your special someone a Christmas gift to warm them up- but don’t know where to start? We think preparing for a very snowy Christmas, where you have lots of time to play games, massage and cuddle is the perfect gift to get that certain someone. P.S. by it in store- get free gift wrapping!

Warming massage Oil. Kiss your lover all over.

 Light My Fire Warming Oil

Available in Dark chocolate, Soft Caramel, and Wild Strawberry

Turn up the heat and succumb to desire with the heat effect of this warming massage oil. This will surely light your Christmas on fire! With just a few drops of oil, start massaging with circular movements all over the body. Rubbing activates and enhances the heat effect of the oil. Finish the massage with kisses or blowing on the skin to heighten the heat effect.



Warming kissable massage candle.

Melt My Heart Massage Candle

Available in Dark Chocolate, Soft Caramel, and Wild Strawberry

Surrender to the most pleasurable sensations with this ‘kissable’ massage candle that has an aroma of your choice. And make Santa blush when he drops this Christmas gift off under your tree! Light the candle and wait a few minutes until the candle and wait a few minutes until the wax and essences melt together to form a rich balsam. Start the massage with circular movements all over the body and finish with kisses brimming with flavor.



Dirty Daddy says…

Bedroom Commands

Take charge of your love life with bedroom command  cards! The perfect Christmas gift to give you enough activities to last until Spring. Bedroom commands is a double deck card game of commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy bitch. Whenever either of you feels like taking charge of your love life, select a card to reveal the action for the evening.





Handmade Bath Bombs!

Macaroon Soap Bombs

We are pretty obsessed with these hand made lil bombs These are a bath oil and bath bomb all rolled into one. Self care is the best type of Christmas gift you can get for your partner. The frosting between is soap. Pick one up and, and drop into a running bath tub, the bath bomb will start to dissolve and soften and fragrance the water while the cocoa butter will moisturize the skin.




The Doctor prescribes this winter you are very naughty.

Let’s Play Doctor

The Doctor ordered this perfect Christmas Gift and surely it’ll help fight the common cold! This game with 40 erotic role plays is perfect for the adventurous couple. The with a spinner and roles from naughty nurses to stern principals to a randy chauffeur you are sure to keep your winter warm and entertained!

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