Self-Care For the Soul January 18th @ 9 PM


Let’s be real- January can be a bit rough on us. The cold and lack of sun can make anyone want to crawl in a hole and disappear. That’s why we love Self Care and everything around this top. Join sex and pleasure coach Caitlin V Neal for a workshop on everything Self Care and how to fulfill it when life is making it hard for you to take care of yourself before others (or work, or the dog, or rent, or the world).

In this workshop Caitlin will lead attendees through a self care discovery process. You’ll get in tune with your needs and discover new ways to care for yourself, which is an absolute necessity for all of us, all year round. You will learn how to communicate to yourself and others when you need to prioritize self care and learn how tit can support you in all aspects of your left; especially in how you care for others.

Come warm up, feel supported and gather some community. Love with us!

Caitlin Neal received her MPH from Indiana University, where she studied at the famed Kinsey Institute under Dr. Debbie Herbenic and Dr. Vanessa Schnick. She has used her education and experience to work with LGBTQ youth as well as adult men and women to have better lives through better sex. She uses her skills and expertise to help them get clear on their desires, work on communication, and open up to new ideas and redefining their tightly held notions of sex and sexuality.

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