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We are pretty lucky that we get to meet some powerful and beautiful people at our shop and Cruel Valentine is one of our favorites! When we found out they were available in January for a workshop we wanted to gobble them up and steal them away!


We can’t wait for their workshop, Breath Control and Body Awareness for Sensual Living on January 25th at 9 PM! (click to buy tickets)  In this workshop Cruel Valentine will help students find authenticity in their performances, be they in the bedroom or on the stage, by utilizing natural breathing techniques and other grounding exercises to help each student to truly live in the moment as their authentic self. This class is an excellent fit for both performers and exhibitionists, as well as those seeking to attain more confidence and authenticity in their intimate lives. In the class students will explore various breathing exercises and physical drills to help them elevate the way they present themselves, and the wya they feel inside and out.


We wanted to get to know this amazing person even more so we sat down with Cruel Valentine and they answered some questions for us!

 Breathing? Self- Awareness? What can I expect from this workshop?

Breath Control and Body Awareness for Sensual Living is a class about accessing your sensual, sexual, and primal self more naturally and readily. This class focuses on recognizing sensuality less as something that is put upon or acted out, and more as a natural state of mind and state of being. Participants should leave all preconceived notions about what defines “sexy” at the door, along with all judgments of themselves and one another.

 Your workshop is geared toward ‘living in the moment’ what does that mean and how can that approve my approach toward life?

Living in the moment is one of the most honest and beneficial things you can do for yourself and those around you. Being present leaves no room for judgment, dishonesty or pretension. Purging these things leaves room for joy and more authentic experiences in your life, and allows you to connect with yourself and others more genuinely.

What kind of journey did you go on to become more self-aware?

Becoming more self aware is a continual journey, not a destination. I am constantly self-examining and exploring ways to further improve. No one is 100% present and self aware all of the time. Inhibition, second-guessing oneself, and performing emotion rather than living it, are all very human traits that we use to fortify and defend ourselves. Finding moments, even just small corners of our lives, in which can live more authentically and naturally, without all of that extra work and defense, can make a huge difference in how confident and comfortable we feel from day to day. This is an idea I’ve been exploring for many years, and I’m thrilled to be able to share some of my thoughts on this with you in my upcoming workshop!

Our theme for January is self-care – what are some approaches toward self-care that you take?

Self care is everything! But it’s also a very easy thing to forget about, or to prioritize behind other obligations and responsibilities in our lives. As an empath, I find myself drained a lot of the time, from giving too much of my emotional labor away far too freely. I find solace in creating art, rehearsing & training, running, reading, cooking, doing crossword puzzles and other mentally stimulating activities, and of course by removing myself from my work environment when I’m able. Since I operate my business out of my home, getting away from that work mentality can be super difficult, but I work around that by limiting my work activities to one area of my apartment, so that the rest of my home can truly be home. I also celebrate self care through self love, and lovin’ on others. Love and affection in all forms are super healing to me!

 What can someone expect in your workshop?

Participants should come dressed to move comfortably. We’ll be doing a lot of breathing exercises, body awareness drills, and intimate discussion to become more present in ourselves. While this won’t be a high-impact workout in the traditional sense, participants will be challenged to push their physical and emotional boundaries, so some may find this workshop simultaneously invigorating and exhausting. Make sure to give yourself time after class to decompress and care for yourself. I’ll make sure to pass out my contact info for anyone who has further questions or reflections afterward.

You’re really cool! Where else can I learn more about you and keep up to date with your events?

Thanks! You can keep up with all of my shenanigans including upcoming performances and workshops, merchandise, sales, media, information on becoming an official patron, and more on my official website at Let’s stay in touch! Here’s a more complete list of where you can catch me online:

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