Indulge in Role Play Feb 1st @ 9 PM


As a kick off to our 14 days of Valentines Day join us for Indulge in Role Play!
Join our favorite Dominatrix Mistress Lilly as she guides us through the marvels of role play. In this workshop she will teach you how to create daring and delicious role play for you and your loves. She will cover everything from how to negotiate boundaries, traditional sub and domme roles, as well as provide the tools needed to set the scene and examples of some sexy scenarios. From lingerie to toys to the kitchen Mistress Lilly will teach you how anything can enhance the roles you want to play in the bedroom.

Come alone, with a partner or partner’s or friends. Be prepared to have your mind blown on new ideas around play and enjoy an evening with a pretty great group of people.

What to Expect:
the workshop starts immediately at 9 PM. Join us a half hour before to meet the teacher and explore our store. Afterwards feel free to shop and enjoy the secret treat we have in store for people who have joined us for the workshop!

Rules:Due to the nature of our workshops we reserve the right to ask you to leave if you make the instructor, employees, or other customers uncomfortable at any point in the workshop. If this occurs you will not receive a refund on your ticket.

There are no refunds or exchanges with tickets. You may not resell your ticket to anyone else. If a workshop is canceled due to our end of things you will receive full refund on that ticket.
Please respect everyones privacy. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during the workshop and pictures can not be taken before, during, or after the workshop of workshop attendees. With permission from teachers, on a case by case basis, you may take pictures with them as long as it does not include any photos of customers.

Indulge in Role Play
Tickets $10 in Advance


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