Valentines Day 2017: 14 Days of Love & Lust

The 14 Days of Valentines Day

with Taboo Tabou

Taboo Tabou is excited to announce Our 14 Days of Valentines Day. From February 1st to February 14th we have jam packed events, daily give-aways, and secrets that will pop up and remind each and everyone of you that you are loved.


Valentines Day

Starting February 1st,

the first 100 customers to spend $100 or more will receive our hand wrapped Valentines Day Present complete with perfume, hand cuffs, chocolates, sexy dice, and little surprises in each one. This box is perfect as a gift or a way for you to indulge in yourself. Supplies are limited and they will go fast!







Feburary 1st: Indulge in Role Play

We are also super excited to host Mistress Lilly for her Indulge in Role Play workshop on February 1st from 9 Pm to 10 PM. In this workshop she will teach you how to create daring and delicious role play for you and your loves. She will cover everything from how to negotiate boundaries, traditional sub and domme roles, as well as provide the tools needed to set the scene and examples of some sexy scenarios. From lingerie to toys to the kitchen Mistress Lilly will teach you how anything can enhance the roles you want to play in the bedroom.


Valentines Day

February 2nd: Bad Sex, Good Stories

We know that Valentines Day can be tough if you are in a bad relationship or just got out of one so we are also hosting an Unhappy V-Day Reading: Bad Sex, Good Stories on February 2nd @ 9 Pm. We are super excited about this event because it’s FREE and has some pretty awesome readers such as Don De Grazia, Diddle Knabb ,Alicia Swiz, and Tim Jones- Yelvington.

valentines day

February 7th: Valentease Burlesque Show

join burlesque super-star Lilly Rascal for a night of Valentines and Tease as celebration of our 14 days of Valentines. From 7 PM until 9 PM enjoy hot chocolate, Valentines pastries, shopping and the chance to win a gift certificate to Bottle & Bottega!

Valentines Day

February 8th: How To Love Me

When the going gets tough the tough get tougher- or in our case more self-aware. On February 8th join us, Caitlin V Neal, and the School of Design for How To Love Me: Better Relationships Through Self Knowledge.Chicago Sex Coach Caitlin Neal and School of Life Design founders Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen team up to teach How To Love Me: Better Relationships Through Self Knowledge. Focused on getting to know yourself so you can enhance your connections with others, this workshop will shift your perspective from what’s lacking to what’s rocking in your sex life and beyond. Identify and fall in love with who you really are, release your attachment to specific outcomes, and remember how to ask so it is given. The love of your life is you! You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

Whether Valentines Day 2017 is going to be magical or a little tough for you we’ve got you covered. Join us daily for heart hot chocolates, good conversations, free gifts, and events!

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