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WOAH. We just had an amazing night viewing 4 short films by Erika Lust through her company Xconfessions at The Annoyance Theater. Is this what girl dreams are made of ? We think so!

We totally get it that some of you may have missed it so we are here to make you a bit jealous/ give you the opportunity to relive our magical night (in more ways than none)


We had the chance to team up with Erika Lust of Xconfessions to screen some films. Don’t know who she is? Well, crawl out of your rock because she is totally a big deal. Erika Lust has been recently featured in the Netflix Documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’. Our favorite part? When she points out in the film that it’s not about the dude’s orgasm but really the chicks (preach sister). But before Netflix came out she was still a pretty big deal. She is the creator of XConfessions, a collection of crowdsourced explicit erotic short films with high cinematic values, were female pleasure matters and an ethical production process is essential. She’s also been featured in Vogue, Vice, and Bazaar.

“Unlike mainstream porn, Erika’s films are artful, sensual, and ethical, portraying sex as something that is both pleasurable and empowering to women, as well as men”  i-D June 2016
We Totally agree. So lucky for you we have a bit of a hook up if you missed the event. First off, check out some of the live coverage we had on our facebook. Second, hustle your way over to and check out the blog post Erika wrote about our store. And finally, want a little local love? Even DNAinfo was into our event! Check out what they had to say about this hot night.


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