The Stars Align: best sex toy for you based off astrology

Girl, we know it’s tough to find the perfect sex toy to match up with you. There’s a lot to consider after all and then even AFTER that you could still be walking away feeling unsure. Don’t worry- we seriously got you covered. We don’t know about you, but we think that star alignment and astrology is pretty legit. After all, if Mercury is in retrograde stay away from us because we’re a bit nuts. 


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So why not use your own zodiac sign to find the perfect sex toy? We took the best characteristics of all our favorite signs and lined them up with our favorite sex toy that best represents that personality. And we think this is the most perfect sex toy guide around and way more legit then a reading from Miss Cleo.


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Any dynamic Aries with a sense of adventure can see why the G-vibe 2 is the perfect sex toy. It’s like two giant, bendy bunny ears (or ram horns!) eager to please every part of you, Aries. The flexible tips can be used fully externally all along the vulva, internally against the G-spot and externally against the clitoris at the same time, or fully internally, and the handle makes it easier to use on or with a partner.

sex toy 13The three(!!!!!) motors can stimulate the clitoris, the G-spot and the entrance of the vagina all at the same time! There are so many ways to use this toy because of its revolutionary anatomical design, so the easily bored Aries will always be entertained, and what Aries can’t get down with that?

sex toy 22

It’s no coincidence that this sex toy is shaped just like the horn of the Taurus symbol, the bull. The Hiky is the perfect toy for the sensual, self-indulgent Taurus. The Hiky has THREE motors: two for vibration and one for suction. One side of the Hiky is insertable for G-spot stimulation, while the other side is strictly for clitoral stimulation.

sex toy 25 The side of the Taurus that admires practicality will appreciate the Hiky’s rumbly vibes that get the job done. The adventurous side of the Taurus will enjoy the possibilities of the 500 total combinations of functions that the triple motor has to offer. You deserve to live in excess, Taurus, so reward yourself with the endless possibilities of the Hiky.




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We-vibe’s partner vibe, the Sync, is ideal for the curious and highly social Gemini. The Sync can be used during sex; the flatter side of it is inserted to press on the G-spot while the rounded part offers hands-free external vibration by curving upwards onto the clitoris. The Sync adjusts to your shape, which is optimal for the constantly shape-shifting Gemini. The Sync comes with a smartphone app, which can double as a remote and allow the toy to vibrate with music. Partners can also communicate via private messaging on the app, taking the Sync from a physically stimulating toy to a mentally stimulating one as well. Any hard-to-please Gemini would be satisfied with the endless options of this double-sided luxury vibrator.


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The Limon is a great addition to any Cancer’s toy collection. The intuitive and sensitive nature of the Cancer combines perfectly with the personalized customization provided by the Limon.

sex toy 16This external toy uses a unique technology; the harder you squeeze it, the harder it vibrates (making it a handy stress ball when anxiety arises). The Limon also provides a memory function, so that it remembers your favorite patterns! This allows the Cancer (or their partner) to have complete control over the intensity of the toy. Another particular perk of the Limon is its magnetic charge, which makes it completely submergible and safe to use underwater–a must-have for any water sign.


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One of Leo’s strong suits is using their uniqueness to their own advantage, which is exactly how the Amarino by Fun Factory functions. The Asex toy 17marino is not your typical rechargeable rabbit; it comes with a thin silicone band that stretches around the internal and external parts to create a completely new sensation. The band allows the vibration to travel from the opening and the clitoris to the entire vulva–a whole bundle of nerves that many toy designs tend to leave out of the picture. The Amarino is an amazing luxury sex toy, and the pleasure-seeking Leo will definitely find pleasure with the Amarino by their side.

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Conscientious Virgos appreciate the classics, and the Tango is a classic for a reason–it’s the strongest bullet vibrator on the market. It has eight modes and they’re

sex toy 14all controlled by one button, which practical Virgos will enjoy. The Tango is rechargeable, submergible, backed by a one-year warranty, and acts as a solo bullet or as the perfect pairing with an internal vibe. The Tango is by no means flashy or over-the-top, but Virgos know it’s what’s on the inside that counts (and what’s inside is a kick-ass motor). Virgos are known for getting everything right the first time around, and that’s what the Tango is all about.


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Libras make the best team players, and the Pivot by We-vibe can help take that to the next level. Pivot is a vibrating cock ring, but it can also be wrapped around a dildo or used as a rumbly bullet vibrator, making it one of the most versatile and partnesex toy 18r-friendly sex toys out there. The social side of the Libra will love the app that works to customize the patterns of the Pivot and allows partners to use the toy across any distance (even continents!) via Bluetooth. Libras are all about balance and harmony, and what better way to keep the peace than a sex toy like the Pivot that’s fun for everyone, everywhere?



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sex toy 30Any passionate Scorpio would be at a loss without the most powerful vibrator in existence, the Hitachi Magic Wand. The new rechargeable Wand has two more intensity settings than the OG plug-in and four new patterns, taking this already strong vibrator to the next level. Scorpios are at home in heated situations and tend to enjoy facilitating them; the Magic Wand is the exact sex toy a Scorpio would want for their intense sessions. The Wand’s long handle makes it easy to tie into rope-play to attach to a partner, giving the Scorpio’s dominant side a place to play. No matter how you choose to use it, Scorpio, your high expectations will be exceeded.

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sex toy 19Sagittarians who feels restricted by the usual, run-of-the-mill bullet vibrator can find a fun and freeing experience with the Satisfyer. Instead of vibrating, this sex toy uses a suction technology to imitate the sensation of oral sex. The suction feeling is a complete game changer and allows people who are used to strong vibration to tap into something entirely new. No sign is harder keep engaged than the Sagittarius, but the Satisfyer will do the trick. Sagittarians are fueled by exploration and are the reigning queens of self-indulgence, so explore the amazing toys the world has to offer and indulge yourself, Sag!

sex toy 31Every hard-working Capricorn can find ultimate relaxation with the Wish by We-Vibe. The Wish is perfectly shaped to fit in your palm; this makes it ideal for massages as well as for masturbation. Its strong rumbly motor can work to get you off or get out those knots in your tense shoulders after a long day at work. The wideness of the Wish also lets vibration travel all along the vulva rather than just pinpointed on the clitoris. This simple yet powerful vibe is perfect for down-to-earth Capricorns who don’t want to deal with a lot of bells and whistles to get the job done.

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Aquarians are always excited about anything new and radical, and the Sizzling Simon is one of the newest and most radical toys out there. Sizzling Simon by Mystim is an intense internal vibrator and it’s also an electro-stiMystim Sizzling Simon 3mulation toy–the first of its kind. The tingly sensations brought on by the e-stim feel like an internal Neon Wand. The feeling produced by Simon is similar to how your foot feels when it falls asleep, but it can also get much more intense and give off the impression of pulsating when paired with the vibration. This sex toy offers so much more than the typical vibrator, Aquarius, so bring your creativity and inventiveness to life with the Sizzling Simon.


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Pisces’ are associated with imagination and dreams, and the Mimic is one of the most dreamlike toys on the market. It’s shaped like a wave or a stingray, with rounded curves and wide wing-like tips. The inside of the sex toy is shaped in the opposite of a vulva, allowing it to fit perfectly into place on you, Pisces. The wideness of the Mimic lets the vibration travel fully along the vulva as well as on the clitoris. Pisces is a water sign, so of course this stingray-shaped toy is at home in your hands. You always put others’ needs ahead of your own, Pisces, but with the Mimic, it’s all about you.



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