The Taboo girl’s guide to Chicago pride parade

It’s Chicago pride parade time and we are SO EXCITED!  this is our favorite time of the year. Seriously. And as time passes we think even more and more that June is the most important month of the year.  The Pride Parade started June 28th in 1969 and we feel honored that we get to celebrate it in our community every year.  The Pride Parade started because of the cops who decided to storm into the historic Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village and everyone decided to fight back. That night they went to the streets to fight for freedom from harassment and discrimination.  They are truly role models to us.


So yay! PRIDE PARADE! This year we are celebrating how far our community has gone and also bringing awareness to what more needs to be done. We also love you guys TONS and TONS and put together this awesome guide to the Chicago pride parade.  Check out the playlist we’ll be rocking out this weekend and our plans for the best Chicago pride parade ever.


Taboo’s Chicago pride parade playlist:

Chicago pride parade


Thursday June 22nd:

Chicago pride parade 2


Kick off your Pride weekend at Berlin Chicago at Black Girl Magic,Chicago’s new all-black drag revue! This show will be presented by The Vixen and Stardust, hosted by burlesque performer Jeez Louise and featuring performances by Lucy Stoole and Po Chop just to name a few. Celebrate black femininity and black queer culture while cheering on a bunch of absolute QUEENS embracing themselves and killing it. Take notes, get inspired by their fierce confidence and end up at Cheesie’s at 4am singing Madonna with the rest of us.


Friday June 23rd:

Chicago pride parade 3

Hit up Sidetrack to catch the season nine finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race from 7-9pm (no cover charge!). No Friday is complete without some Drag Race drama; why not get the whole community together and revel in it? Sidetrack’s viewing party will also feature performances by some local Chicago queens including The Vixen as well as RuPaul queen DiDa Ritz. Play some trivia, earn some prizes and sip some piping hot tea at Sidetrack.

Saturday June 24:

If you’re like us, you might’ve waited until the last minute to put your Chicago pride parade outfit together because you’re busy being a bad boss bitch. No worries, babe, we got you covered. Stop by Taboo on Saturday before the big parade on Sunday and we’ll put together something truly amazing.

Chicago pride parade 4Try our bright blue and neon pink Susie Flamingo Swing Dress with one of our purple petticoats, throw a wig from Hollywood Mirror on it and you’ve got yourself a showstopping outfit.





Chicago pride parade 6

We think our watermelon heart bikini was totally made for Chicago pride parade. After all it’s hearts over your goodies! It’s such a perfect tone of watermelon and grapefruit and perfect for jumping in the lake after celebrating all day long.




Not in the mood to go for a two piece? don’t fret- our disco one piece swimsuit Chicago pride parade 7was made for pride parade. This awesome swimsuit was made for any bad ass mermaid. Wear it as a bodysuit with a pair of shorts and then jump right into the lake afterwards. Want to dry off and party the night away? this bathing suit was made for dancing.




Chicago pride parade 8


Wanna play it cool? don’t worry we’ve got the best shorts in town. we are pretty obsessed with our navy suspender shorts and they are perfect for staying cool in the sun. Wear it with our without the suspenders for the ultimate look.



chicago pride parade 9Wanna spice it up? pair our Siren robe with just about anything and you are set for a party. You will seriously look like you just walked onto a glamorous boudoir photo shoot and everyone will be jealous of your look.




chicago pride parade 9Wanna just run around in a bad ass bodysuit. Boo we got you- Pride is all about embracing your style and love and we think you should wear whatever makes you feel great. We think this bodysuit screams a day at the Chicago pride parade.





Sunday June 25:

Okay, queen. Here’s the tried and tested Taboo Girl Pride Parade Game Plan: SAFETY FIRST. The parade is a place to be free and have fun and truly be yourself; unfortunately this is not the case for everyone who attends. There will be people who use LGBT+ folks’ time in the spotlight as an excuse to be super horrible (see: the Cubs winning the world series and the chaos that ensued). Steer clear of these people. Stay positive, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and, above all, have a blast! This is your time and it’s about making your experience the best that it can be, and that means taking care of yourself, boo <3


Pride Route:

Chicago pride parade 10


Chicago pride parade after parties:

Chicago pride parade

The Neo-Futurists are back with their annual Pride benefit: 30 Queer Plays in 60 Straight Minutes. If you’re looking for a change of pace after the parade (and a place to sit down!) as well as a piece of art that will stay with you long after the Pride weekend ends, this is definitely the after party for you.


If you’re looking to chill out with a cold drink after the parade, head to Roscoe’s Tavern on Roscoe & Halsted and listen to throwback jams and get your money’s worth with their $17 pitchers. Rosceo’s will be open from 11am-2am on Sunday, so pop in anytime for some tunes, drinks and some much needed air conditioning.


Wanna keep the party going after the parade? Hit up Smartbar and their Queen! Pride event, featuring local performers Derrick Carter, Garrett David and MisterWallace.

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