Sunday School with our favorite Mistress Bella Bathory

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Our favorite Mistress Bella Bathory is back in town and we are so excited. We go far back with this bad ass chick and we couldn’t be any more honored. Back in the day Mistress Bella Bathory ran this store! She moved to L.A. where she began working for some of our favorite Kink companies and also being brilliant. When Mistress Bella Bathory isn’t busy killing it in the kink world she is studying to receive her Bachelor’s of Biological Science with a focus on  Infectious Disease Medicine. Even during her busy schedule she finds time to volunteer and educate the world on BDSM, consent, sexual health, and gender identity.

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We are super excited to host Mistress Bella Bathory for her Sunday Spank School on Sunday july 9th @ 8 PM. grab tickets here before July 9th to secure your seat! This class will focus on how to select different implements to best suit the occasion. There will be a brief overview of the many impact toys available followed by a more in depth discussion on choosing the right toy for the level of intensity you seek. Be prepared to get active when we learn where, when, and how to hit your bottom. We will also cover how adding the right implement can make a role play scenario come to life, and send you home with a few scenarios to try that evening. Starting from warm up to bruised bottoms, this class will teach you how to hit all of the right spots.

mistress bella bathoryBe prepared to get active when we learn where, when, and how to hit your bottom.  Mistress Bella Bathory would love it if you brought your own impact instruments so that you can practice during the workshop. Don’t have any impact tools? Don’t worry! With your ticket you receive 20% off any S&M item at Taboo Tabou a half hour before the workshop and after the workshop. Come and let the Taboo Tabou girl’s help you find the perfect instrument!



Check out this awesome interview we did with Mistress Bella Bathory. If you want to learn more about her check out her website, twitter, or instagram to follow her happenings!

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What have you been up to since you were last in Chicago teaching at Taboo Tabou?

That was over a year ago, far too long! Since then I’ve done a bit more traveling, Bangkok was fascinating. On a day to day basis I’ve been working on my bachelors, and focusing on dismantling the patriarchy through corrective sessions at the Domme Collective.

What are some of your favorite spanking tools that are non traditional?

I’ve learned you really can hit anyone with anything. During a domestic discipline video series earlier this year I spanked a mouthy husband with a frying pan, that was a blast. Kitchen items in general make great pervertables. Spatulas, forks, wooden spoons etc.


How did you find yourself into the kink scene?

I feel like I’ve always been Kinky at heart, but I was given an outlet by Von Livid and the leather men of Chicago who taught me how to conduct myself properly both in scenes and out.


What’s the difference in the kink scene between Chicago and L.A.?

There’s always something Kinky going on in LA. The market is oversaturated with pros, and the lifestyle scene is just as bustling. In Chicago there are fewer Mistresses and events, but I feel the ones that happen in Chicago tend to be of a higher quality.


You are on an island with your favorite sub- what’s your three must have items?

Definitely the hitachi magic wand, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. A cane, and Saran Wrap

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