Get At It! The Taboo Guide To The G-Spot Orgasm


G-Spot Orgasm

Taboo Guide To The G-Spot Orgasm

How hard is it to have a G-spot orgasm? Do I need a toy to achieve a G-spot orgasm? I’ve never had one–is something wrong with me? Do I even have a G-spot?

Working in a sex shop means answering questions about g-spot orgasms on almost a daily basis, and we get it. The state of sex education in our school systems is terrible, and people look to other sources (porn) for answers. This makes for a pretty dismal idea of what ‘normal’ sex and anatomy is. But we got you, babe. Check out our female pleasure workshop on August 30th for more one-on-one info on the G-Spot (among other things). Not in Chicago? Here’s some straightforward info on the famously mysterious G-spot, and exactly how to get your G-spot orgasm on!

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The Truth About The G-Spot Orgasm

Unfortunately, the truth is that not everyone can achieve a G-spot orgasm. Over half of women can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so if you’re worried something is wrong with you because you can’t seem to find your G-spot or have a G-spot orgasm–don’t worry! You’re fine and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or your body. FYI: you do have a G-spot, and it’s about 2-3 inches inside the vaginal canal; if you insert your fingers and do a “come hither” motion (curving your fingers slightly upward), you should feel a small bundle of nerves there. That is your G-spot!

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Tips For Achieving a G-Spot Orgasm

Achieving a G-spot orgasm usually involves placing pressure on it by doing this “come hither” motion over and over again. To do this you can use your fingers or penetration via sex, a dildo, or an internal vibrator, but vibration is not necessary. It’s all about pressure with the G-spot. And again, no worries if nothing happens! It’s all about exploring your body and learning what’s right and feels good for you. Clitoral orgasms are just as valid as G-spot orgasms, and there’s no shame in that game.

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The Clit & G-Spot Orgasm Are Totes Friends

Speaking of clitoral orgasms, here’s a fun fact for you: the G-spot is actually technically attached to the clitoris. We recently found out that the clitoris is mostly an internal organ, and what we know as the clitoris is actually just the external portion (aka the glans clitoris). Internally, the glans clitoris elongates to the clitoral shaft then breaks off into two clitoral legs (the crura). The crura surround the vestibular bulbs, which surround the lower portion of the vaginal canal. So, when doing that “come hither” motion in the vaginal canal and stimulating the G-spot, you’re actually hitting a bunch of areas that are attached to the clitoris! This shit is CRAZY!!!

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Honestly, the language surrounding this subject is still pretty confusing (and we’re pretty pissed that research and education are slow as fuck trying to figure out what’s up) but the bottom line is this: the G-spot exists, it’s actually part of the clitoris, and you’re perfect whether or not you can have a G-spot orgasm. But come into Taboo with your girls and we got you on some amazing G-spot toys to try out on your days off, babe 😉

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