Here’s a Reason To Masturbate (Yas Bae- Go For It!)

reason to masturbate

Bae- Masturbating is important and we’ve got a real reason to masturbate daily. There’s a really gross misconception that women don’t masturbate and we’re here to scream from the rooftops that YES WE MASTURBATE and WE DO IT OFTEN (at least that’s true for us Taboo Tabou babes). Masturbation obviously isn’t for everyone, but it’s pretty fucking awesome and definitely how we stay sane. Here are five reasons to masturbate from us horny bitches to you, dear reader <3

#1 Reason to Masturbate: Because you  will learn how to communicate with partners better

Reason to masturbate 2

When you explore your body, you’re learning about yourself. You’re learning what you like and what you don’t like, and that makes it so much easier to tell another me on your hot bod–know what you like and know how to make it happen. You will be able to empower your partner on what you like and don’t like. 

#2 Reason To Masturbate:  Your body confidence will sky rocket!

Reason To Masturbate 3

Gaining knowledge about yourself and your body only adds to your confidence, and body confidence is absolutely key for self-love and self-pleasure. When you’re feelin’ yourself (both literally and metaphorically) your whole world changes for the better. Giving yourself an orgasm is the best way to congratulate your body for being so bangin’ all the time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


#3 Reason To Masturbate:  It eases aches and pains and relieves stress

Reason To Masturbate 4

Masturbating is amazing for both your physical health and your mental health. It’s great for easing away any stress and tension in your body. It helps headaches and menstrual cramps (our personal enemy) and is just a perfect way to unwind from a long day in general. Masturbating is a healthy way to distract yourself from stressful, racing thoughts just before bed. It’s the best night cap!


#4 Reason To Masturbate: It’s FUN!

Reason To Masturbate 5

Whether it’s a solo act, a mutual situation with a partner or involving a toy or two, masturbating is a blast! There are a ton of ways to do it and keep it interesting, and a bonus is that it’s totally safe every time! It’s never a bad idea to throw a toy in the mix or to try a position (or even location) you haven’t tried before. Take your bath to the next level or climb under your covers and get to work–either way, it’s all about YOU, and what isn’t fun about that?


#5 Reason To Masturbate:  It keeps your body sexually active even when you’re technically not.

Reason To Masturbate 6

Masturbating is a great way to relieve sexual tension in general, but especially when you’re between partners or just taking a breather from the dating scene. It keeps your blood flowing and your sexual appetite intact until you find a hot babe to do all the work for you. Masturbating also keeps your brain stimulated, and the more your brain is stimulated, the more on point your mentality is.
g-spot orgasm 5 Reason To Masturbate

If you want to learn more about self-love and pleasure, join us on Wednesday the 30th for a class all about female sexual pleasure and empowerment!  Can’t make it? Check out some of our toys, books, and blog resources on pleasure to learn more about how masturbation can make your day even better!

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