Broad City Girl Gang Mixer @ Taboo Tabou September 14th

Broad City

Did you know we are obsessed with Broad City? When Abbi and Ilana graced us with presence we nearly lost our shit. Afterall they are legit our idols in life and make us feel totally better about sometimes not having everything together.

And those queens we love just came out with a sex toy line. YAS QUEEN WE KNOW- A SEX TOY LINE. We honestly couldn’t believe it when we started to hear the rumbles but once the line came out our minds were blown. It is seriously a really good toy line. From silicone and water-based lubes to beginners pegging kit Broad City did it up right.

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So we gotta celebrate this (because you know, we are always looking to celebrate something) and on Thursday, September 14th we are hosting a Girl Gang Mixer: Broad City Edition. This is a free event in one part to celebrate this bad ass toy line but in another part to make it possible for some cool people to meet each other and become friends.

It’s super hard in Chicago to make friends (we know) because between work or school and just getting by every day and making sure you are eating enough vegetables, meeting new people seems to end up on the sidelines and isn’t prioritized as much. So join us for some fun games, a raffle, and the opportunity to meet some other cool people and strike up some new friendships.
Can’t wait until Thursday: check out our favs from The Broad City Toy Collection.

Broad City Yas Kween 10 Function Bullet Vibrator 3

Ohhhh shit- the Broad City gals have made the perfect toy with the Broad City Yas Kween 10 function bullet vibrator. We love this toy for any beginner or someone who is just like super Broad City obsessed (LIKE US).  This toy has ten functions and is purse-sized so the force can def be with you all the time. This toy features a tapered tip so that you can use it with super precision. This bullet is also waterproof and quiet, so it is perfect if you have roommates!

broad city 4

YAS KWEENS The Broad City In The Mood Lipstick Vibrator has arrived and has legit just changed our life. Get ready for a clit-thrilling good ol’ time. This lipstick vibe is perfect for the beginner or Broad City obsessed girl looking to up their collection to rock star status. This vibrator looks just like the lipstick Illana uses in Broad City but is includes a one-speed vibration perfect for getting your clitoris all happy. This toy is simple to use and will make you the Kween of life.


Broad City Precious Package Egg Vibrator 1

The Broad City Precious Package Egg Vibrator just took it old school. We are not going to lie; we are in love with this toy mostly because it says “Carpe Dayum” on it! This toy is just like the original vibes we all know. It is a wired controller love egg vibrator, perfect for clitoral stimulation. Perfect for beginners or the Broad City mega fan! This toy features 4 speeds of a buzzing good time.


Broad City Vulvarine Silicone Rabbit Vibrator 3

The Broad City Vulvarine Silicone Rabbit Vibrator is the perfect toy for any beginner or Broad City mega fan.  This Vulvarine toy is some serious high-class shit. This silicone rabbit has two motors and is ideal for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. This rabbit is rechargeable, and splash proof so have fun in your bathroom or bedroom alone. This vibrator is a super easy to use toy and quiet so it is perfect if you have roommates!

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