Fav Bad Boss Witches We’re Loving this Halloween Season

Best Witches

Halloween is our favorite season to celebrate our fav Bad Boss Witches! We are pretty witchy all year long but for the entire month of October, we love to celebrate it on an even higher level. We’ve got witchiness covered head to toe (HELLO- corsets, witchy outfits, and even PVC babe)

And this year we are doubling our witchy power with our Boss Witch Party on October 19th @ 9 PM.

Best Bad Boss Witches events

We are super excited about this witch party. This girl gang mixer is a monthly event we host as an opportunity to meet other bad ass chicks, make friends and find new people to hang with!  This time we’ll be celebrating all things witchy and girl power. Come join us to get your tarot read, make your own custom love potion, and even dress up in your best head-to-toe witchy get-ups for a costume contest. This event will cost $5 to cover the cost of our amazing love potion but our resident witch has made an amazing formula that is totally worth it!


In order to prepare for this, we made a list of our top favorite witches because they are totally bad ass. Find costume inspiration in this? Come through to the shop and we’ll have you put together a perfect witchy outfit that you’ll want to wear all year long.


Best Bad Boss Witches to Stir Up Trouble: The Sanderson Sisters


Growing up, the Sanderson Sisters were my role models. They dressed amazing and did whatever the fuck they wanted. Who else could ride a vacuum as a flying broom and still look amazing? Only the Sanderson Sisters, our fave witch trio who inspire us to stir up trouble.

Best Bad Boss Witch Who Gets What She Wants: Ursula

Witches 2


Let’s be real– Ursula was and still is the most interesting part of The Little Mermaid, and for good reason. She’s big, fabulous, beautiful and cruel. Also, her makeup is EVERYTHING and is totally a reference to our fave drag superstar, Divine. Ursula doesn’t let anything stand in her way and she absolutely owns every room (or sea cave) she walks into. We love Ursula and every witchy thing about her.


The Mother Of All Witches: Morticia Addams

witches 3


In the ever-changing world of goth aesthetics, Morticia Addams reigns supreme. Her cheekbones could cut a diamond in half. Her makeup is always flawless. Her stare is DEVASTATING. She is the mother of all witches and should be honored as such. And we’re not even going to get into her witchy decorating skills. She just kills us.


Best Bad Boss Witch Who Controls Everything: Maleficent


witches 4

Who hasn’t dressed up as Maleficent for Halloween? It’s a guaranteed costume contest winner! Maleficent is vicious and cunning. She literally lives in a deteriorating castle in the middle of a forest with an army of beasts that she fully controls–what is more badass than that? Not to mention SHE TURNS INTO A DRAGON. No big deal. We’re not jealous or anything.


Girl Squad Bad Boss Witches: The Craft Squad

witches 5

Aesthetically speaking, The Craft might be one of the best movies of all time. Or, at least it is to us. So many schoolgirl skirts, so little time. I mean, come on. Chokers, leather jackets, thigh highs and intense eyeliner? Sign us the fuck up for that seance.


The Perfect Teenage Bad Boss Witch: Sabrina Spellman

Witches 7

And finally, the witch who stole our hearts and inspired our wardrobes: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina Spellman was like any other teenage girl, balancing school and a social life. But Sabrina was also a witch. And she had Salem, her talking cat. Sabrina was the most down-to-earth witch who had a great head on her shoulders and was a great role model for young girls (and witches) everywhere. We miss you, Sabrina!

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