Witchy Vibe

Witchy Vibes


Every witch has their favorite vibe. We’re all about the witchy life 24/7, but during October it’s amped up. After all, In the words of our beloved teen queens The Craft “We Are the Weirdo’s, sir.”

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October is our favorite. We can break into our toy boxes for some awesome vibes, plan some fantastic masturbation sessions, and pull out all the witchiest elements of life. (you know our secret love potions, sage, and velvet)

Every witch needs the perfect vibe. After all, in a few months we know it’ll get so cold it’ll be impossible to leave the house. We don’t know about you, but December and January for us is pretty much an evening of Thai take-out and some good porn. So check out our favorite picks for the witchiest, bitchiest vibes out there!

Flame Powerful Clitoral Vibe

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Obviously, this Vibe is perfect for the fall season, and it’s no coincidence this one is shaped like a little flame. This pocket-sized external vibrator is intense for its size and soft to the touch. It’s quiet, discreet and the flame tips act almost like bunny ears on a rabbit to tickle the clitoral area. Spice up your weekend seance or spice it up in the bedroom; either way, this toy is a perfect witch’s companion. Ignite your inner witch goddess and grab this vibe for yourself!


Womanizer 2GO

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A witch’s looks are ALWAYS on point. Whether it’s an intricate look or all-natural, a witch radiates beauty at all times. And when witches decide to go all out with their look, it’s always a killer. This vibrator is fantastic for a million reasons, but one apparent reason, in particular, is that it’s like a cute tube of lipstick! It would look inconspicuous in your bag, and no one would suspect a thing. Also, this vibrator is unique because it uses a suction technology to imitate oral. Instead of vibrating on the clitoris, it sucks. This vibe is an amazing addition to anyone’s toy collection, but to a witch’s especially.



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This intricately designed toy is one of the most stylish toys on the market. We all know a witch’s style is always on point and the Rosa is a stunner. Its curve is meant to hit the G-spot with just the right amount of pressure, and the base is intended to lay completely flat against the external area. With this toy, there’s not only clitoral stimulation but external stimulation everywhere! A powerful witch needs a powerful vibe, and this one will do all of the magic for you.


Magic Wand


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A toy recommendation list curated for witches obviously wouldn’t be complete without a wand on it! The Magic Wand is the end-all-be-all of wands. It’s the most powerful toy on the market and has been for over 30 years. You can’t knock the classics, and this vibrator has remained on the favorites list for almost every toy collector out there. This new rechargeable version has four intensity settings and four vibrational modes. Every witch needs her wand, and the Magic Wand is the ultimate in power, speed and reputation.


Crave Duet Vibe

Crave Duet 5 vibe


The Crave Duet Vibe is one of the most beautiful toys we’ve ever seen. This toy features dual motors, perfect for external clitoral stimulation on both sides or teasing for a little labia stimulation as well. The tip, inside edges and outside edges, provides slightly different intensities. This luxurious vibe is rechargeable and just plugs in like a USB stick.

Le Wand

le wand 2 vibe

The Le Wand is the vibe to end all vibes. This luxurious and sophisticated interpretation of the traditional wand. Similar to the Magic Wand with its rumble motor this toy is ten times more powerful than the magic wand and also features twenty different vibration patterns. We love the body-safe materials and the highest quality motor as well as design Alicia Sinclair put into this design. It’s the perfect upgrade from the Magic Wand for someone who likes power.


Fun Factory Lady Bi

Witchy Vibe 6

Every witch needs a powerful dual motor vibe, and the Lady Bi is perfect for that. We officially dubbed it the most powerful rabbit on the market. With two strong motors that rumble and a flexible, but not too flexible shaft, you can apply intense pressure while staying in contact with the clitoral motor. With the loop handle, you can decide if you want to use it for your G-Spot, A-Zone, or prostate. This toy comes with six intense vibration speeds and six rhythms that’ll keep rocking your world for years.


Now you’re fashion-ready and vibe ready for the witchy season! See us at Taboo Tabou for some more spellbinding options.

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