Our Five Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costume


Tis the season to be unique and making your own D.I.Y Halloween costume is the best way to ensure that you stand out from the masses! This time of the year is legit our favorite (witchy + spooky + any excuse to dress up like a bad ass), and it makes us sad when we see people rush off to grab the easiest bagged costume.


Wednesday Addams

DIY halloween costume 2

We love the Wednesday Addams D.I.Y Halloween costume idea mostly because it’s something we have in our closet already. Anytime we see a peter-pan white collar and a black dress we know we are game.

Wednesday Black Pencil Dress With White Collar DIY halloween costume

Check out our Wednesday Addams pencil dress or even our Wednesday Addams fishnet dress for the perfect look.


It’s Britney Bitch.

DIY halloween costume 3
Who doesn’t love Britney Spears? If you pop into Taboo Tabou on a Saturday, there is a 90% chance Britney is on the radio. Also, no one can rock red latex like Britney.

red zip up pvc dress DIY halloween

Check out our red P.V.C dress to conjure up the Britney attitude.

MEOWWW Sexxxy kitty

wet look lace up catsuit DIY halloween costume

Want to ensure you are the best dressed at the Halloween party? Wrap yourself up in our wet look catsuit. We love this piece because it’s easier to wear then latex, ten times cheaper, and with a pair of cat ears you’ll totally outshine everyone!


Bad Bitch Domme

DIY halloween costume 4
Halloween is the best time of the year to show off your bad bitch domme personality.

cyber pvc pencil dress DIY halloween costume

Strap yourself into our PVC pencil dress and everyone will know you are in charge.


Cheerleader from hell

black PVC flared circle skirt DIY halloween costume

While everyone else will be something sweet for Halloween, you can totally be the cheerleader from hell. We say screw football and all the sports and cheer on evil and ghosts. They don’t get enough love anyway.

Just want to go as a bad ass for Halloween? Don’t worry we got you. There isn’t that much time left so get on the El train and pop into Taboo so we can help put together the sexiest costume ever.


Queen Witch

DIY halloween costume 5
We’re witches all year long! We love how October brings out all the witchy power.

Witchy Floral Lace Collar Dress DIY halloween costume

Get into this witchy gown and team it up with a sexy bralette to outshine everyone else at the party. Plus you can totally wear this on a Saturday night.

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