Quiet Vibes For When You Are Home For The Holidays

Quiet Vibes

You need the perfect quiet vibes to get through the holidays. We all know the new few weeks will mean shopping, eating lots of amazing home cooked food, and staying sane around our family members.


If you’re staying with family for the holidays, that last bit is absolutely critical. We don’t know about you, but for us the hecticness of the winter season can sometimes bring out the worst in us and it can be hard to stay levelheaded during the countless crazy family get togethers.

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During these times it’s important to set aside time for yourself and, not to mention, it’s the season to treat yourself!  Since we all know we’ll be crashing in our old bedrooms at our parents house very soon we’ve picked out or favorite quiet vibes that are quiet enough to help you stay chill way after New Years.


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We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe’s Tango bullet is one of the best bullet vibrators in the world. It’s extremely powerful and compact at the same time. It’s pocket-sized and travels friendly! Stick it in your carry-on luggage and security will assume it’s a tube of lipstick, we promise. The Tango is also 100% submersible and can be used safely under water. This is totally one of our favorite quiet vibes so no one will ever suspect a thing! Need a small break from the in-laws? Take your relaxing shower to the next level and bring the Tango in with you. When you sit down at family dinner, you’ll be fresh-faced and ready to take on whatever’s thrown your way. Thanks, We-Vibe!


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Slave 4 U Remote Control Vibrator and Panty Set

Our Slave 4 U Remote Control Vibrator and Panty Set are the perfect couples toy to bring the holidays to life. If you’re part of a thrill-seeking partnership, this toy could definitely make those family get-togethers very interesting. If you’re not quite that daring, this toy still has all the components that make up a great partner toy. It’s rechargeable, submersible, and very quiet, so your family will never know what’s going on in the room down the hall. What’s special about this particular vibrator is that its matching remote also vibrates! This allows the controller of the remote to know exactly what sets the vibe is on. Take your holiday to the next level with this remote control bullet and enjoy the benefits all year round!


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Fun Factory’s Miss Bi

Visiting the parents solo this season? Fun Factory’s Miss Bi would make the perfect companion for you, babe. The Miss Bi is a dual-motor rabbit with an intensely powerful vibration that would bring the Magic Wand to its knees. It has over 40 combinations of settings, assuring you will never get bored with this rabbit-style vibe. The internal portion is curved just slightly to hit the G-spot and is designed to bend to your desired angle while also stimulating the clitoris with the external part. Miss Bi can also be used anally or vaginally. This factor paired with the endless vibration settings make this toy an ideal option on your mini holiday stay-cation. Plus this is one of the top quiet vibes we’ve ever encountered.


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Inu Minu G-Spot Vibe

If you’re wiped out from all the holiday spending but still want to treat yourself to something nice, the Inu Minu G-Spot Vibe is a great choice. This toy can be used internally to hit the G-spot (which it’s curved perfectly to do) or externally to stimulate the clitoris. It’s also super soft, very quiet, and would fit perfectly in your travel bag next to your sleep mask and ear buds. The inexpensive Inu Minu is a wonderful beginner vibe and also great for those who need some stress-relieving but are on a budget. It also makes a cute gift (though maybe not to your parents).

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Le Wand

If you’re stressing out from the holidays or just life in general, if you’re looking to intensify your toy collection, or if you’re simply looking to treat yourself to something over-the-top and fabulous, there is nothing better than the Le Wand. This luxury wand is even more potent than the OG Hitachi Magic Wand and comes with more intensity settings and vibrational modes. Although this particular toy might not be the quietest of the bunch, it’s definitely the biggest stress reliever of them all. Not only is it a great vibrator, but it’s also an amazing body massager. You might even be able to gift this to a relative as a massager, and they wouldn’t suspect a thing! More importantly, though, this toy is the perfect self-indulgence, and we all know you deserve to feel relaxed.

Winter is coming, girl–and you should be too.

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