The Perfect Holiday Cocktail Dress Combo

cocktail dress

The holidays are coming, and we know you need the perfect cocktail dress. We’ve got you covered with our favorite cocktail and dress. If you’re anything like us around the holidays, then you probably have a drink in one hand at all times. You probably also take advantage of the season and dress to the nines because why not look fabulous while getting trashed by your closest family members? We’ve got a great selection of holiday dresses this year, and we have some amazing cocktail recipes to pair with them. Keep it classy (or trashy, which is more our speed) with these winning combos:

Del Rio Plum Dress + The French Kiss Cocktail = The ultimate cocktail dress

del rio plum fur trim flare dress cocktail dress

Bring the holidays to life with our Del Rio Plum Fur trim fur dress. the fur on the collar and cuffs detaches, making this piece super versatile. You can pull out all the holiday stops with the fur and tone it down during the rest of the year. This dress screams elegance with just a hint of mysterious 40s starlet. The belted waist with the small bow is a cute little detail on this extravagant piece. A dress like this is one both you and your mom would look amazing in.  This dress was basically made for the holidays, and the perfect drink to pair with it is a French 75. Here’s our little twist on this classic recipe:


Best Cocktail For that holiday cocktail dress: The French Kiss

cocktail dress 2


1 bottle Champagne, Prosecco, Rose, or Moscato wine (basically a bottle of anything light, sweet and bubbly) (like you!)
1 package raspberries (or whatever berry you want)
About 10 mint leaves
½ lemon
A splash (or a few) of Vodka or Gin (we prefer vodka but you do your thing)

And if you’re feeling up to it:

1/2 tsp raw honey
1 tsp chambord liquor


cocktail dress 4

Put some berries in the bottom of a glass and add a few mint leaves. Muddle them together until slightly mashed up. Then fill that glass up with your champagne, moscato, rose, or whatever sweet bubbly drink you found in the back of your aunt’s liquor cabinet.


Add a small (or big) splash of vodka or gin. Add some lemon juice. Then add honey or chambord if you’re into that. You’ve got yourself a sloppy, sexy, holiday French Kiss Cocktail.

cocktail dress 8

You can also do a toned down version of this recipe with just the main components: champagne and gin. This recipe serves five, but if you’re like us, it’ll hopefully be enough for just you.

Want to figure out how to party with us this holiday season? We’ve got some surefire awesome events coming up and a few include some of our favorite cocktails. Check out our facebook page for more event info. 

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