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Tis the season to give gifts, so we’ve got a bomb ass holiday gift guide for you! Whether you are shopping for the naughty or the super sweet barbies in your life, we’ve got you covered head to toe (and then some). Check out our selection for 2017 and come on in for some hot apple cider, a little Gwen Stefani Christmas music, and some damn good holiday spirit. P.S. Did you know we do gift wrapping in store? YES, QUEEN, WE DO.

Holiday Gift GuideGifts For The Naughty

There is always someone naughty on your list. Whether they deserve a little bag of coal this year or a good spanking we’ve got some sexy things that you can totally gift them from our holiday gift guide. We’re really digging The B-Vibe Rimming Plug in this collection. This bad ass anal plug is one of a kind on the market and will definitely keep both of you entertained during those cold snow days in doors!




Holiday Gift Guide 2

Gifts For The Sweet

Have someone sweeter than apple pie in your life? We’ve got her covered this year for Christmas in our holiday gift uide. We love this year’s Sweet Cosabella Collection, especially since it comes in an adorable ice cream package. This lingerie set is perfect for that adorable love in your life.


Holiday Gift Guide 3

Gifts For The BFF

Everyone has that BFF in their life that would totally stop them from drunk texting their ex-boyfriend on Christmas Eve. Spoil your BFF with our BFF gift collection! Our favorite is definitely the Fur Oil. This amazing pube oil can totally be used anywhere on the body (but why not on your super special zone!). We love this because it is totally a life essential that your BFF will thank you forever and ever. Check out some of our favorites in the BFF gift guide.

Holiday Gift Guide 4

Gifts To Spoil Yourself

Everyone knows the best part of Christmas shopping is buying something for yourself. We are really digging the Womanizer 2Go In fact, once it hit the store every single one of us had to take one home. It’s pretty much the best. Toy. Ever. Check out the Womanizer 2Go along with some of our other favorite splurges for this season.


Want to get your holiday season on? Check out our Pictures With Naughty Santa to get the perfect Christmas Card photo knocked out this year!

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