Small Business Saturday At Taboo Tabou!

Small Business Saturday at Taboo Tabou


Small Business Saturday is literally the best day of the year. We’re serious. We are real passionate about small business Saturday (and small businesses in general) why? We’ll let us tell you… We’re starting to turn into a world that lacks character and unique elements. All those small businesses in your neighborhood and city give us that unique experience that you moved here for. When we lose that we lose what we love about Chicago. We can spend all day long talking about why it’s important to shop local, and if you really want to hear our ideas check out our article in Chicago Magazine.


So tomorrow we are throwing a party to celebrate you. Small Business is about the neighborhood and we love our neighborhood. We are so honored to be in Lakeview and have the wonderful customers we have. Every day we wake up wanting to find the best ways to give you an amazing experience and we are so incredibly lucky to have that opportunity. THANK YOU.

And we’re celebrating with a few things.


Free Tarot Card Readings from 11 AM- 5 PM


And no we won’t have Tara Reid doing the readings (because you know it wouldn’t turn out right TBH) we have our bad ass favorite witch giving free tarot card readings. It’s first come first serve so get on it bbs


small business saturday 6

Free Gift With Purchase of $125 or More!

We Love you guys so much for hanging out with us we wanted to hook you up with a gift from us! If you spend $125 or more on Saturday you will receive a free gift from us valued at $65. It’s really good (we promise) and either can be an extra awesome present for yourself or you can totally regift it to someone else (we won’t tell). Need some gift advice? Check out our holiday gift guide for this year!


small business saturday 7


Free Gift Wrapping!

We’re bringing back our favorite part of the holidays: free gift wrapping. Starting tomorrow come on in and grab something awesome and get it gift wrapped by us for free. We’ve been watching lots of Youtube videos and practicing all week long so we got you babe.


We’ll also be rocking out the hot apple cider with a little secret sauce in it (if you’re like 21+ YAH KNOW) plus the Christmas tunes and a damn good time. Wanna check out some of our other holiday events coming up check out our events page (cuz we’ve got SANTA coming!)

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