Kiss 2017 Good Bye With Taboo’s New Years Eve Guide



Put away the tree and lights and get ready to kiss 2017 goodbye with our New Years Eve guide!  Check out our picks for this years NYE- from parties, to cocktails, to the perfect dress and the ultimate hangover recovery.



Where We Plan On Drinking:

New Years Eve Guide
Lost Lake New Years Eve

We love drinking and we don’t know if you knew this about us. Plus we love a campy idea and Chicago’s Christmas bar pop-ups were filled with them. The minute we found out our favorite Tiki bar Lost Lake had a Christmas themed pop up we were there multiple times. The fact it’s continuing until NYE has us going crazy. Plus another spot we are pretty obsessed with, The Orbit Room, has it’s own retro Christmas bar pop up going on. So we know we’ll probably do the walk between the two of them, freezing our asses off for sure.

New Years Eve Guide 2
NYE at The Orbit Room


 What We Plan On Wearing:

We always need an excuse to get hella dressed up and NYE is no doubt the best one. While everyone else will look like each other in some fast fashion cheap dress we almost always stand out in our classic and timeless cuts. Here’s our top picks for what we’ll have on (and under) on New Years Eve.

teal flirty swing dress
Teal Flirty Swing Dress

We love the flirt of this dress and the comfort. Nothing says New Years Eve like the ultimate dress for dancing.

stop staring twilight dress 2
Stop Staring Twilight Dress

Dance under the stars in our Stop Staring Twilight Dress. This sexy pencil dress is perfect for standing out in the crowd and timeless for almost any event. Plus you’ll look damn good eating a burrito at 5 AM while wearing this.

vendetta scalloped lace thong NYE Guide

We always make sure we look good under whatever we are wearing and this Vendetta Scalloped Lace cut out set is perfect for that. Soft and comfortable we know this will look good under anything or alone after midnight.

How We’ll Recover From Our Hang Over:

NYEs guide 8

Like any good night, there is usually a hangover. If we are not completely dead most likely we’ll end up at a Golden Nugget near our house. If we are totally dead we’ll end up just grubhubbing something. Either way, we will start 2018 eating some sexy pancakes.


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