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Mo Snockard Channing


We’re getting PUMPED for our Girl Gang Mixer: Lady Maker Edition! On January 18th for our monthly girl gang mixer, we’ll have tons of amazing artists set up to sell you their goodies. This event is perfect for finding that Galentine’s Day gift for your BFF or even a little something for you. Plus supporting other artists is just a damn cool thing to do.

Check out one of the amazing artists, Snockard Channing. Snockard is a Chicago artist who works with multiple mediums but prefers acrylics and pens. When not focused on drawing bones, crafting, painting divas, and creating watercolor birds, Snockard Channing is eating French toast, reading, and flipping between the same three apps on their phone.

Not only are they a bad ass but they are also donating 60% of the proceeds from the event to the Chicago Community Bond fund.


Snockard Channing

The art produced by Snockard Channing falls into two distinct categories: kitschy, colorful pop art and precise studies of the wonders of nature, specifically birds and bones.

Snockard Channing 2

As an artist who appreciates popular culture and classic film, Snockard Channing uses iconic symbols of popular culture to explore and understand current culture with a critical eye and a light heart. From the divas of the studio days to science-fiction and beyond, Snockard Channing uses universally recognized pop culture symbols and characters to connect their audience and open a discussion about the world we live in. Popular culture serves as a consistent inspiration to Snockard as it is a language we all speak.

snockard channing 3

Snockard has always been a bird watcher and a friend to animals. Snockard enjoys taking time out of a busy day to appreciate the beauty of nature and draw or paint majestic birds or the complex bone structures of dinosaurs and sea creatures. What started as an exercise in appreciating the natural world and stepping away from busy city life has become an important aspect of Snockard Channing’s artwork as a whole.



you can check out Snockard’s art and follow them on their website, etsy shop, and Facebook!


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