Taboo Tabou’s Guide To The Perfect Galentines Day!

Galentines Night Out


We are SUPER excited for Valentine’s Day this year. It’s the season for red and pink everything! Lovey dovey crap everywhere! Stupid Cupid haunting our nightmares! What more could you want? Valentine’s Day is coming up sooner than you think, but you know what’s like a thousand times more important? Galentine’s Day, the actual holiday of our dreams. Nothing is better than getting all the girls together for a night of drinking, dancing, selfie-taking and probably crying for some reason. We’ve got some killer ideas to make your next ladies night one for the books, and some suggestions for what you can do for this year’s Galentine’s Day.

Galentines Spa Day

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Seriously, who couldn’t use one of these? Give us all the mani pedis, massages and mud baths, and don’t forget the cucumbers. Lock us in the sauna and throw away the key! We’re terrified of acupuncture but give it to us anyway! Spa days are all about you, so they’re perfect for a treat yo’self girl’s day. And not only are spa days great to do with your friends, but they’re also great to do with your mom (and she probably desperately needs one).


Fake Bachelorette Party

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Not for the faint of heart! Pick up a sash and a veil and go out with your girls like you’re about to get hitched. Dress up, play bar games, do a scavenger hunt, hit up a strip club–do whatever the hell you want! Every once in awhile it’s fun to get into the mindset of someone else, or tap into a wilder side. If you’re into theater or roleplay, this would be really fun for you. Think of all the free drinks you’ll get!

Galentines DIY Night

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Whether it’s making crafts, cookies, or insane cocktails, DIY night is always a blast. Get your hands dirty and be creative with your besties. Scour the pages of Pinterest for something challenging, but still doable under tipsy circumstances. Decorate some dollar store wine glasses, make a girl power banner, cook something delicious to cure tomorrow’s hangover; the list of things to do is endless!

Galentines Movie Marathon + Drinking Game

Galentines Night Out 2

A movie marathon is perfect for a girls’ night in (maybe after one too many girls’ nights out). I mean, come on, we’ll take any excuse to watch Legally Blonde for the millionth time. How about a choosing theme? Here’s the perfect Popular Girls on a Rampage triple threat: Heathers, Jawbreaker and Mean Girls. You can even turn it up a notch and make up a drinking game to go with whatever movies you’re watching. Our personal fave: Magic Mike. Drink every time you see abs. Try not to die.

Galentine’s Day at Taboo!

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Come to Taboo Tabou on February 7th and join us for our next Girl Gang Mixer: Speed BFF Dating edition. Come hang out and meet some bad boss babes (maybe you’re next BF4L!) in an empowering and chill space. We’ll have a speed-bff-dating round, a scavenger hunt, a galentine’s card making station and LOTS of wine! Bring all your babes or come by yourself; either way you’ll meet a bunch of awesome ladies and have tons of fun!

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