Get your Halloween Costume ON!


Let’s be real- bagged costumes are lame. After all, anyone that has won a Halloween contest has rocked it out because they put together some crazy stuff! We’re big fans of finding the most unique way to scare people during the spooky holiday while feeling sexy. Check out our top picks and tips for Halloween 2018 !  P.S all of this is available in store only 🙂 Sorry babes, it’s just too busy to get the website updated! Come on in and let one of our favorites help you find the perfect outfit!


Evil Barbie Costume

Halloween Costume 2

We’ve all got a little Barbie in us and we love when she’s kinky and covered in PVC!


Bad Ass Domme Costume


We’re all about dominating, whether it’s making sure we have enough space on the CTA, at work, or in the bedroom. Let everyone know you are in charge in our PVC mistress dress.

Naughty School Girl Costume

Halloween Costume 4

Show off your school pride in our naughty school girl skirts. Perfect for the class valedictorian or class clown.

Playboy Bunny

halloween costume 6

Yeah girl, we get it- go classic. Wanna be the cutest Playboy Bunny? Check out our Black Corset romper for the easiest outfit!


Urban Witch

halloween costume 7

Girl we’re spooky and in the city! Show off your witchyness in this adorable chiffon gown. Plus you know our obsession with being a witch 🙂 We’ve got our big Witchy Party coming up on October 17th! Come and party with us!





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