Tips and tricks for all your goodies provided by the bad ass chicks at our shop!

Hi you sexy thang! We are so happy you are shopping with us. We know the items you are buying are a bit different than everyday things so we have this handy- dandy care tip list to make all your items last as long as possible!

Lingerie Tips & Care


We recommend washing anything delicate and especially anything with lace. This is the safest method for treating any delicate intimate items.

  • Prepare a bath using tepid water and add 2 capfuls of a delicate wash or lingerie wash of your choice.
  • Submerge item: move item around in water so that it will be evenly wet.
  • Soak: Soak for 30 minutes but not any longer. If you notice color in your water don’t fret! It won’t have any change in the garment once it is dry.
  • Rinse well: Run more tepid water through the item until you notice it is free of soap.
  • Remove water: Please do not wring your delicate item. Press the water out of your item gently.



The dryer can be pretty mean to anything delicate- therefore we recommend a hang dry.

  • Hang the item or lay it flat to retain it’s natural shape.
  • If you notice the item is wrinkly we recommend steaming over ironing.


Bondage Tips & Care

Cleaning Leather:

Leather items can be tough to keep clean because leather is a porous material. We recommend saddle soap and warm weather. To disinfect leather you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol solutions. We always recommend testing this out on a small portion of leather before submerging the whole thing.

Conditioning Leather:

Keep your leather looking great by using mink oil or leather conditioner to keep it soft and supple as well as to prevent it from cracking over time.

Toys Tips & Care

Depending on the material of the toy you are purchasing you have a lot of options for cleaning your toy. We are really big fans of System Jo Toy Cleaner as a simple way to take care of all toy products and maintaining a balance in your bodies chemistry.  Any toy that does not have a motor in it can be placed in boiling water for eight to 10 minutes or run through the dishwasher without soap.