G Spots, P-Spots and Squirting 101 With Amy Baldwin

June 27th 9-10:30

Tickets $15 Available Here

Are you ready to dive deeper into these powerhouses of pleasure?

Join us for a fun and informative class full of action-packed techniques for pleasuring all the right spots. This class has something for everyone, regardless of sex or gender. Whether using hands, toys, or other fun phallic bits, Sex Educator Amy Baldwin will show you how to up your self-pleasuring practice, as well as how to drive partners wild. Topics include: basic anatomy; foreplay and building up arousal; G-spots (AKA G-area); P-spots (AKA prostate pleasure); squirting (AKA gushing); ORGASMS; hand techniques; positioning; toys and lubes, and more!

Leave this class feeling juicy, inspired, and with knowledge and skills on how to pleasure all bodies.

This class is open to individuals and couples (and triads, etc) of all genders and orientations.

About Amy Baldwin:

is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach (trained in the Somatica® Method), Certified Sex Educator, sales trainer and educator for Uberlube, as well as co-owner of a mother-daughter owned pleasure boutique called Pure Pleasure Shop. Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-focused sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from how-to workshops to erotic empowerment retreats.


Kink ‘n’ Draw With Stella Rosen

July 11 9-10:30 PM

Tickets $15 Available Here

Join Stella Rosen and her fantastic models for an evening of Kink ‘N Draw. An evening of fetish figure drawing for the devious mind that will surely be a unique take on art. Stella Rosen will host the evening which will include rope scenes. Bring your art supplies and get ready for an evening of beauty! All are welcome regardless of artist skill sets. This event is the perfect way to learn about rope bondage through art.

Stella Rosen has been kinky as a 9-5er for the past four years and kinky for all other hours of the day for her entire life. Being a switch, professionally and personally, has given her the insight and experience on both sides of the spanking bench. A lesser fetish provider would make a pun about ‘showing you the ropes,’ but Stella chooses to exercise ‘restraint.’

What to expect:

Tickets are $15 in advance and include beverages.
The workshop starts immediately at 9 PM. Join us a half hour before to meet the teacher and explore our store.

Due to the nature of our workshops, we reserve the right to ask you to leave if you make the instructor, employees, or other customers uncomfortable at any point in the workshop. If this occurs, you will not receive a refund on your ticket.

There are no refunds or exchanges of tickets. You may not resell your ticket to anyone else.

If a workshop is canceled due to our end of things, you will receive the full refund on that ticket.

Please respect everyone’s privacy. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during the workshop and pictures cannot be taken before, during, or after the workshop of workshop attendees. With permission from teachers, on a case by case basis, you may take pictures with them as long as it does not include any photos of customers.


Hunty Hunt: A Dildo Scavenger Hunt Throughout Lakeview

Sunday, July 15th @ Noon

Tickets $5 Available Here

Join the Taboo Tabou crew for the first ever Dild0 scavenger hunt throughout lakeview! This two-hour scavenger hunt is the perfect way to spend your post-brunch Sunday! Here’s the details:

  • Scavenger hunt begins at 11 AM and will continue until 2 PM. The team who accomplishes the most between that time will win our first ever Dild0 trophy.
  • Your ticket includes refreshments, tools, and snacks for the event!
  • You are required to use your own phone or bring a camera.
  • You can build a team of four players or have the option to join in a team. Once you buy a ticket you will receive an email where you can specify the team you want to be placed into.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! This scavenger hunt will happen all throughout Lakeview!

Be the first ever winner of the Hunty Hunt and make your mama proud!