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  • Bitch Please Loose Fit Tee

    Our Bitch Please Loose Fit Tee is serving up some major Barbie vibes and we’re just out here living our best Barbie dream house lives. When you’re feeling dolled up and pampered and you just don’t have time to put up with the world’s crap, this shirt will say what you want to say without you having to do a thing.

  • Dump Him Tie Front Tee

    Our Dump Him Tie Front Tee screams “It’s Britney bitch!” without having to say a word. Inspired by the queen of pop herself, this graphic t-shirt features bold collegiate lettering that says what you’re always telling your girlfriends: DUMP HIM. We scoured the internet trying to find the perfect replica of Britney’s iconic paparazzi moment, but we came up short. So, we decided to make our own!

  • Eat Shit and Die Tank Top

    Our Eat Shit and Die Tank Top says what we’re thinking 24/7. We love shirts that do all the talking for us. The illustration features a tombstone with the words “eat shit and die” in the middle. The tank itself is made with a tri-blend material that is comfortable and stretchy but will keep the design of the shirt intact.

  • Give ‘Em Hell Tee

    Our Give ‘Em Hell Tee encompasses our life motto and our life’s goal: to give everyone hell and to be cute as hell while doing it. Inspired partly by high school sports team logos, this t-shirt gives off some super nostalgic, make-out-sesh-under-the-bleachers-during-the-big-game vibes.

  • Try Some Kindness Tee

    Our Try Some Kindness Tee is everything we love rolled into one t-shirt. If you feel like there needs to be more kindness in the world, then this is the shirt for you. The illustration features a slender manicured and tattooed hand giving the middle finger. The banners above and below together read “try some kindness asshole.” When have we not wanted to yell that at someone?