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  • Eat Shit and Die Tank Top

    Our Eat Shit and Die Tank Top says what we’re thinking 24/7. We love shirts that do all the talking for us. The illustration features a tombstone with the words “eat shit and die” in the middle. The tank itself is made with a tri-blend material that is comfortable and stretchy but will keep the design of the shirt intact.

  • Give ‘Em Hell Tee

    Our Give ‘Em Hell Tee encompasses our life motto and our life’s goal: to give everyone hell and to be cute as hell while doing it. Inspired partly by high school sports team logos, this t-shirt gives off some super nostalgic, make-out-sesh-under-the-bleachers-during-the-big-game vibes.

  • Try Some Kindness Tee

    Our Try Some Kindness Tee is everything we love rolled into one t-shirt. If you feel like there needs to be more kindness in the world, then this is the shirt for you. The illustration features a slender manicured and tattooed hand giving the middle finger. The banners above and below together read “try some kindness asshole.” When have we not wanted to yell that at someone?